Blanche Field shades can be made in any size you can imagine and are usually sized to fit a particular lamp.

The subjective aspect of deciding on the appropriate size of the shade for a particular lamp cannot be reduced to guidelines or rules of thumb. Lamp bases vary so widely that any guideline for one would immediately be thrown out for the next. A good eye is the best determinant for general size as well as for shape.

  • One general observation is that the bottom of the shade, when viewed horizontally, should be level with the bottom of the bulb socket in order to keep the shade from appearing as though it is draped over the lamp.
  • If the vertical position of the shade needs adjustment up or down, there are a variety of spacers and harps that can adjust the height. These are available at most lighting stores.

If you are planning a custom lampshade, the following four dimensions are critical:

A. Top diameter

B. Bottom Diameter

C. Length of slant

D. Washer Depth

  • A note on washer depth: Normally small lampshades have flush washers. So too does a larger shade if the use of a decorative finial at the top is planned. Most medium to large shades have a recessed washer.
  • A note on holders: Most Blanche Field shades are constructed using straight wires attached to the top diameter of the shade on the outside and to a washer in the middle (known as a spider). There are many other types of holders. American UNO holders are threaded on the inside and are designed to screw onto the bulb socket. You will find these on floor lamps where the lampshade points downward. European EURO holders are similar but are unthreaded and use metric dimensions.