Paper and Woven Shades

Crisp, clean, white, and off-white papers are being increasingly utilized in decorating schemes.

We have many papers from which to choose, from shiny, opaque whites to subtly mottled off-whites to matte black paper with tortoise shell interior, and beyond those, we can obtain thin wood veneers, foils, and other unusual materials. We can spray paint most shades in a color of choice.

Blanche Field artisans can also utilize strips of paper woven together to form our basket weave shades. These can be produced in a variety of colors, papers, and strip sizes. Cut-Out shades are also available. This is an old lampshade technique whereby paper shades are pricked and cut in floral patterns that illuminate when lit.

Our special “chart shades” are a perennial favorite, particularly in coastal areas. We take actual nautical charts of waters selected by the customer and create one-of-a-kind shades out of them.

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