Lamp Conversion and Repair

A world-famous hockey player brings us his favorite pair of skates. A prominent yachtsman gives us his navigational sextant. A socialite leaves with us a priceless sculpture. What do these cherished objects have in common?

Blanche Field converted them into fine lamps.

Our technicians can build a fine lamp incorporating any object. We usually begin with a custom wood base finished to perfection, onto which the object is mounted. There are several means for electrification, and if the object is valuable the lamp can actually be made around it. Topped with a custom lampshade, the result is an instant heirloom.

In addition, Blanche Field can rewire or repair almost any chandelier, lamp or fixture. We have a fully equipped wood and paint shop as well.

What follows is a sequence illustrating the conversion of a client object into a lamp.

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