Custom Lampshades


The custom made lampshade begins with a shape- a contemporary drum or stately oblong, or perhaps an elegant square with scalloped corners.


Blanche Field shades can be made in any size you can imagine, and are usually sized to fit a particular lamp.


A Blanche Field trim adds the finishing touch to a fine lampshade. Whether it be a simple ribbon or multi-layered combination of cords and ribbons, the trim is a great device for tying together décor elements.

Hand-sewn Silk and Linen

ShadesBlanche Field’s hand-sewn silk and linen lamp shades have been the core of its business for more than 100 years. The combination of custom sizing, fine fabrics, delicate and precise pleating and a plethora of trim combinations result in a truly bespoke product.

Laminated Shades

Most laminated shades we produce reflect the clean, contemporary look designers seek. Edges on our laminated shades can be traditional folds with or without trims or, for the most progressive settings, the fabric is rolled over the edge so there is no fold at all.

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Parchment-style Shades

The Blanche Field parchment-style shade is made from a paper that has been hand-treated with multiple coats of special oils, pigments and shellacs, creating a hard shade that emits a particularly warm glow.

Paper and Woven Shades

Crisp, clean, white and off-white papers are being increasingly utilized in decorating schemes.

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